Virtual Agency

Since 2001, Ad 2 Kansas City’s Virtual Agency has brought together young talent in the advertising community eager to volunteer their skills to help a not-for-profit organization in developing advertising and marketing efforts. Yet since it was founded under AAF-KC, Ad 2 members have been contributing their talents to local nonprofits across the metropolitan area.

Our expertise in advertising and unique resources provide many opportunities for organizations — from increasing visibility with fresh ideas to establishing key fundraising and support materials — all to make an impact on our local community.

We’re excited to announce Green Works in Kansas City as our 2020 Virtual Agency client. Since 2007, Green Works has worked to empower Kansas City’s future leaders to protect our environment, contribute to our economy and create healthy communities.

In the past, Ad 2 Virtual Agency has partnered with nonprofit organizations, including:

Our partnering efforts have achieved positive results for these organizations.

Depending on the goals of the nonprofit, we can complete the following marketing objectives:

  • Designing a new brand identity
  • Developing full branding materials
  • Creating strategic information materials to inform others of your service(s)
  • Developing unique creative materials, such as websites, original photography and public relations insight
  • Implementing strategic advertising placement

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer your time and skills, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss. To be a volunteer for Virtual Agency you must be under the age of 32 and an Ad 2 club member.

2019-2020 Virtual Agency Leads