8 takeaways from the Ad 2 National mid-year retreat

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By Jordan Warren, Ad 2 Kansas City president

Each fall Ad 2 chapters from all over the United States come together to exchange ideas, give updates and meet new friends. This year, Ad 2 Kansas City headed north —  via road trip —  to Minneapolis.

When we first arrived, we hopped over to a local pub for a taste of the famous Lucy burgers. Then, we went on agency tours at Carmichael Lynch and Colle McVoy. The day was complete with huge, fluffy snowflakes which entertained our friends from Ad 2 Honolulu. We even visited the Target flag store – because, why not?

Next, Ad 2 National planned a happy hour in the first floor bar at our hotel, the new Radisson Red. We said hello to old and new faces, and shared laughter over drinks. We even brought along a foam head cutout of our sponsor for the trip, Kevin Fullerton of Springboard Creative — thank you for sponsoring us! He really enjoyed the french fries.

Saturday came with a full day of sessions and meetings at Periscope Agency. We began the morning by voting in the new Ad 2 Cincinnati chapter — congrats! Then we got down to business.

Our roundtable discussions included the topics of club operations, public service, student success, diversity and inclusion, and club leadership. We also participated in workshops for creating community impact and membership engagement.

Here are some of our key takeaways of the weekend:

  1. Ad 2 National is a big resource for all of us in Ad 2 Kansas City. As a member of Ad 2, you have a network that spans the entire country. There are a lot of cool people out there that are a part of this community. Many of them are doing the same things as us, striving for success.
  2. Diversity and inclusion is an all-year, all-the-time effort. Kansas City agencies need to know about and apply for the Mosaic awards.
  3. As an organization, we need to encourage students to submit work for the Student American Advertising Awards.
  4. Our public service campaign through Virtual Agency can bring in a larger community of people to offer advice and create a bigger impact on our client each year.
  5. There are a lot of really cool events happening all over and we can’t wait to brainstorm using some of these new ideas in our own event calendar in the upcoming years.
  6. You should always have a goal to meet someone new at any event you attend — even non-Ad 2 events. You never know who you’ll meet and how they’ll help you succeed.
  7. As a member of Ad 2, you should review our policies and procedures to understand how the Ad 2 KC council of directors operates.
  8. Being a member of Ad 2 is about more than networking. You also gain friends, and experiences that can translate directly to your career.

To end the day we celebrated an important milestone: Ad 2 turned 70 years old this year. It’s amazing to be a part of an established organization that’s focus is to empower the next generation of advertisers. We had an amazing time with our Ad 2 National friends and we’re looking forward to growing the Kansas City community even more.

If you’re interested in joining Ad 2 Kansas City, volunteering or becoming a council member, please reach out to us at [email protected].

About Ad 2 Kansas City
Ad 2 Kansas City is a community of ambitious, up-and-coming advertising professionals aged 32 and younger. As a part of AAF-KC, Ad 2 KC members embody the next generation in creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. With a vibrant attitude and voracity to learn, they embody the passion and creativity of Kansas City.

About Ad 2 National
Founded in 1947, Ad 2 is a collaborative community of passionate, forward-thinking and motivated professionals that are making a difference in their local communities and their industry. Together with the American Advertising Federation, Ad 2 fosters the professional development for advertising professionals 32 and under through public service and education in order to promote and protect the well-being of advertising.

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