AAF-KC Gas Can Creative Conference 2017

Posted on May. 19, 2017  /  

What fuels creatives? It’s the challenge. It’s the self-expression. It’s the 3 a.m. epiphanies, the finished product and the next Big Idea. Our relentless passion unites us. It’s why we’re one of the fiercest communities in the country.

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Meet the 2017-2018 Board and Councils

Posted on May. 16, 2017  /  AAF-KC News, Ad 2 KC News  /  

The ballots are in, the votes have been tallied and we're pretty sure a ransomware attack had nothing to do with the results (see, we can be topical). Without further ado, meet your elected 2017-2018 AAF-KC board and Ad 2 & Art+Copy Club councils!

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Bulletproof: Everyone has a Story

Posted on Apr. 20, 2017  /  

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AAF-KC and Ad 2 KC Win National Club Recognition

Posted on Apr. 15, 2017  /  AAF-KC News, Ad 2 KC News  /  

The AAF Club Achievement Competition is designed to recognize outstanding accomplishments of its affiliated advertising clubs and to showcase the programs and projects that these clubs undertake each year.

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Alyssa Murfey & Marianne Gjerstad Represent On the Hill

Posted on Apr. 13, 2017  /  Ad 2 KC News  /  

Every few years, the American Advertising Federation hosts Advertising Day on the Hill. This year, we were happy to have two Kansas City representatives – Alyssa Murfey, Ad 2 KC President (VML) and Marianne Gjerstad, Ad 2 National Chair (Barkley).

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Celebrating the 2017 Journey Award Winners

Posted on Apr. 3, 2017  /  Journey Awards  /  

On March 30, 2017, many AAF-KC members and friends honored KC's best and brightest ad professionals at the first annual Journey Awards. The Journey Awards includes three different awards that allow AAF-KC to celebrate three generations of leaders...

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The 2017 Journey Awards: Three Different Awards, One Club, All Generations.

Posted on Mar. 30, 2017  /  

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s the journey, not the destination.” And considering we’re all in the covered wagon to Advertising Crazy Town together, let’s celebrate the trip. The Journey Awards honor Kansas City’s best and brightest ad professionals...

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District 9 American Advertising Awards: 2017 Winners

Posted on Mar. 24, 2017  /  American Advertising Awards  /  

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 District 9 American Advertising Awards competition. 

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2017 American Advertising Awards Presented by Barkley

Posted on Feb. 18, 2017  /  

Game Of Advertising: Stories Of Art & Copy Chapter IV: The Gathering The Game of Advertising is coming to a culmination. On Saturday, February 18th the Queen will take her seat upon the throne, and the noble houses of Kansas City will...

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