Cure the Quarantine: Coping with COVID-19

Posted on May. 5, 2020  /  Corporate Member News  /  

19 Below, The Futures Group, Dadomani Studio and Soundcake have joined forces to create #CureTheQuarantine, an interactive creative effort to help people cope with feelings of isolation and realize that they are not alone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cure the Quarantine windows

Having to unexpectedly disengage with our community can be stressful, leading to frustration and loneliness. For some, it may exacerbate symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses. The feelings of isolation that come with stay at home orders can have deep and lasting effects.

The project is designed to bring the world together through one simple image, a window. People are encouraged to upload a snapshot of their view from quarantine by photographing their window with a visual message that includes their name and location. Once uploaded to, photos are added to the stop motion video journey created by the partnership.

Members of The Futures Group, 19 Below and Dadomani Studio first collaborated on a stop-motion animation project two years ago, shot in the Dadomani home base of Milan, Italy. The skill and passion everyone brought to that project made it clear that the partnership was destined to work together again. “A friendship 2 years in the making, we decided to unite together and inspire our friends and nations to stand together, support each other and offer hope as we feel everything together.” says Joy Moeller, Creative Director at 19 Below.


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