2020 Journey Awards: Young Professional of the Year Kasi Yalon

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This week, we’re celebrating our Kansas City visionaries virtually at the 2020 Journey Awards. Check out this video introducing Kasi Yalon, our 2020 Journey Awards Young Professional of the Year, and read her full acceptance letter below.


As someone who has only been in advertising for two years it is surreal to be awarded Young Advertising Professional.

Knowing that the late hours, side projects and my appetite for learning are seen by my peers feels incredible. I put in the work, but I did not get here all alone. I owe a lot to the people that nudged me along the way and helped me up when they could.

When you make space for people, those small opportunities can ladder up to things that will change the game for them. For me, it started with an honest portfolio review, then an internship and then a job that opened up doors and connections.

As a young professional I feel like there can be a lot of imposter syndrome. There’s an underlying wondering of do I belong here? Am I good enough to contribute? I am so thankful for the incredible mentors in my life and peers who instead of competing, lifted each other up.

Having people around me that made me feel like I not only belonged in the room, but people were there to hear my ideas, made all the difference. Thank you, Jen Guimaraes, for seeing me and nominating me for this award. Your support changed the game.

Kasi Yalon

Art Director, Signal Theory


About the Journey Awards

The AAF-KC Journey Awards honor Kansas City’s best and brightest advertising professionals where they stand today. These awards recognize five local leaders who make an impact on the Kansas City advertising community through volunteerism, personal or agency-led efforts or commitment to the development of others.

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