2020 Journey Awards: Advertising Professional of the Year Ali Mahaffy

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This week, we’re celebrating our Kansas City visionaries virtually at the 2020 Journey Awards. Check out this video introducing Ali Mahaffy, our 2020 Journey Awards Advertising Professional of the Year, and read her full acceptance letter below.

2020 Advertising Professional of the Year - Ali Mahaffy from AAF - Kansas City on Vimeo.

I read the email. Then I read it again. And then, I re-read it. I was both humbled and excited to receive this award.

This honor has been given to many people in the past who I deeply admire, I honestly was taken aback to receive the notice. Thank you, Kevin Fullerton, for the nomination. You have done, and continue to do, so much for the ad community - you are an inspiration to all of us.

The Kansas City Ad Community is special. Nationally, our collective efforts continue to gain notoriety and relevance. Not just for the work we do but also for the kind of people we are and the industry community we have built. If you love advertising, marketing, design and problem-solving, Kansas City is a great place to build your career. Here, we all understand that the more one of our organizations succeeds, the more opportunity all of us have to create an even better “ad town.” You can argue that the Kansas City ad community hasn’t yet gained the proper national recognition just yet. But I am confident we soon will. And I am dedicated to helping make it happen.

As one of the co-leaders of Signal Theory, I feel an even stronger connection to the KC Advertising community as we go through this COVID-19 period of time. Leaders from many of the agencies across our community have gone out of their way to check in on each other, to support each other with ideas and learnings, and to be there to listen and counsel. It has reinforced the connection we all have to one another and has made me appreciate our community even more.

From my early days with stops at a few agencies to trying the client-side marketing role for a few years, and then accepting an account supervisor role at Signal Theory (then SHS) 19 years ago, I had no idea the amazing friendships and connections I would make during my career. I am more grateful for them today than ever.

This award has allowed me to reflect on nearly three decades in this crazy, fun, challenging, rewarding, friend-filled industry. I feel so very fortunate to be recognized this year. So, with that, I have only a few more words to say:

Thank you. And let’s go do great things. Together.

Ali Mahaffy

Co-CEO, Signal Theory


About the Journey Awards

The AAF-KC Journey Awards honor Kansas City’s best and brightest advertising professionals where they stand today. These awards recognize five local leaders who make an impact on the Kansas City advertising community through volunteerism, personal or agency-led efforts or commitment to the development of others.

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