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Can You Shift an Entire Marketing Plan and Budget in a Day?
Outsourced Marketing Model Answers (the formerly) Hypothetical Question with Concrete Strategy

In hindsight, it’ll be easy to rattle off what the collective coronavirus pandemic response should’ve been. But right now, and especially six weeks ago, local small business owners were in disbelief.

They didn’t expect that, after months of researching, planning, budgeting and forecasting, they’d lose revenue overnight—some far more than others in certain sectors.

Questions led to more questions. Answering them was nearly impossible with facts changing daily.

Could months’ worth of marketing strategy be turned around in days? How long will this last? Do we stop marketing all together? Change the message? How do we share the latest messaging? What do we do about campaigns in the pipeline? What’s the short- and long-term future look like?

Outsourced marketing.

The Kansas City Business Journal interviewed Paul Weber, EAG’s CEO and founder, about how the outsourced marketing model passes the pandemic test and is indispensable for small business owners now more than ever: KC ad agency's business model survives 'the pandemic test"

Also read Paul Weber’s timely Forbes article on how to best take advantage of outsourced marketing: How to Best Take Advantage of Outsourced Marketing

See the Video On Outsourced Marketing From EAG

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