A Safe Return to Production

Posted on May. 9, 2020  /  

Dear industry professionals,

The safety of every person involved in bringing production to life is top priority of the KC Film Office. With the assumption that production will return with vigor, we want to equip production companies and other producing entities with guidance to safely and effectively work in the Kansas City area. This preliminary guide will remain in place until industry standards are communicated. It was produced in concert with a certified health professional, as well as several local, state and national industry professionals. (Thank you to all who lent your expertise to this document!)

As you know, things continue to evolve daily, so our team plans to keep this document updated and accessible on our website.

Now is a challenging time for each of us, both personally and professionally. We find ourselves working to adjust to significant changes in our routines and now we must work in new ways. Your teamwork and collaboration are greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering Kansas City for your production.

Stephane Scupham
KC Film Office Director
AFCI Certified Film Commissioner

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