Ad 2 Kansas City rebrands to reflect its culture

Posted on Aug. 25, 2019  /  Ad 2 KC News  /  

Transition. It’s not a foreign concept to Ad 2 Kansas City. In fact, we embrace it. Every year adds new leadership, unique perspectives, and diversity to our membership base. Since the 1980s, Ad 2 KC has evolved into a community of ambitious, inspiring, and driven individuals.

So, when we took a step back to ask ourselves if our look represented our organization, we decided it was time for another transition. Our rebrand centered on the most important aspect of our club: our members.

A look to represent our membership

We needed an identity that embodied the innovative professionals in marketing and advertising here in Kansas City — from the hustlers to the entrepreneurs to the advocates to the dreamers.

The look had to be fresh, modern, flexible, and professional. Because, after all, we are a professional organization with a diverse membership base. Our design volunteer, Katie Krull, built the logo typeface to be bold, fresh, and striking on its own. Yet, the simplicity creates flexibility for the wordmark to live in busier environments as well.

Ad 2 KC doesn’t exist without its members. Therefore, our creative will prominently feature the people who make up our community moving forward. It will also represent the agency culture in Kansas City. We’ll keep it light and fun with our new photos styles and brand colors. There are no strict rules here — simply a solid foundation to build upon.

The single question to ask ourselves with our new brand: Do our efforts represent our members?

We hope this new transition will lead to a stronger identity for the club, inspire our current membership and continue to build our community. We hope our new look will spark interest in other professionals that haven’t yet engaged with Ad 2 KC. We are Kansas City’s connected advertising community and we look forward to our future with you.

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