AAF-KC Rolls Out New Branding

Posted on Oct. 12, 2020  /  KC Ad Club News  /  

The American Advertising Federation of Kansas City (AAF-KC) is rebranding. In order to be regarded more accurately — as local, approachable and inclusive — AAF-KC will now be known as the KC Ad Club. 

“It’s important we continue to evolve the branding elements in order to reflect our diverse membership in an ever-changing industry,” said Hannah Bower, VP of KC Ad Club.

The new logo draws inspiration from our proud city, fondly known by its residents simply as KC.

The KC Ad Club will be working from a set of new brand guidelines that keep materials consistent while allowing flexibility.

“Moving forward, the brand will capture the true spirit of the KC Ad Club: A fun, inclusive club that brings fresh content and real value to its members, “ said Bower. “If there’s one word that best represents the tone of our brand, it’s ‘dynamic.’”

All correspondence, including social, will be impacted by the new branding. Whether it’s for events, sponsorships, speaker or membership posts, content will be simpler, more consistent and engaging. 

“This club was established in 1902. We’re one of the oldest and largest in the country and needed to change to stay relevant. We’re extremely proud of our deep roots and equally excited about where this club is heading,” said Marianne Gjerstad, KC Ad Club President.

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