Call for nominations for the 2020 Journey Awards

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2020 is about the visionaries -- those who inspire, teach and guide us, with a helpful hand lifting us up and a watchful eye focused on the future. Let’s recognize the visionaries for what they’ve given to us, and what they’ve given back to our community.

And what better way to recognize Kansas City’s best and brightest ad professionals than the Journey Awards? These awards recognize five local leaders who make an impact on the Kansas City advertising community through volunteerism, personal or agency-led efforts or commitment to the development of others.

If you know someone who fits this description, whether they’re just starting to make waves in the industry or they’ve created a legacy of excellence, nominate them now. Nominations close January 26.

The Journey Awards categories:

Advertising Professional of the Year:

  • Has at least 10 years of advertising experience
  • Is highly respected, a tenured advertising leader and visionary
  • Sees the obstacles ahead and adapts quickly for the success of the project and their team


Young Advertising Professional of the Year:

  • Must be under the age of 32
  • Has worked in the advertising/marketing industry for less than 7 years
  • Has been involved as an engaged volunteer within an advertising, marketing trade or professional group
  • Is a hungry, fearless, talented advertising up-and-comer who’s just starting to scratch the surface of changing the game


Creative Professional of the Year:

  • Has at least 5 years of advertising experience and currently in a creative role
  • Views the landscape around them with a unique perspective and navigates onward
  • Is a true artist, regardless of their advertising medium—one whose ideas spark ideas


Trailblazer Award:

  • Is at least 32 years old and a member of a group typically underrepresented in the field of advertising
  • Honors a person actively involved in the advertising and marketing community in the Kansas City Area
  • Is a leader of innovation that contributes to their teams and organization with a proven record of focusing on diversity and inclusion


For all awards, nominees are not required to be a member of AAF-KC or Ad 2, but they cannot be on the AAF-KC board of directors or Ad 2 KC council of directors.

Nominate your fellow KC advertising professionals for a Journey Award!

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