Meet Your 2020-2021 Leaders

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Meet the newly elected board and council members

We’re excited to introduce your 2020-2021 AAF-KC Board of Directors and Ad 2 KC Council of Directors, who will be helping pursue our mission of fostering a cohesive culture within the Kansas City advertising industry and promoting it to the rest of the country.

Each brings a variety of skills and experience to our club leadership, and we can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish in the coming year.

AAF-KC Board of Directors

Newly elected AAF-KC board members

Jamie Beard // Communications Manager at VMLY&R
Jamie Beard

Josie Black // Associate Director, SEO at Intouch Solutions
Josie Black

Brian Brooker // VP MarCom at Garmin
Brian Brooker

Anne Fundakowski // Digital Marketing Director at Mediavo
Anne Fundakowski

Seth Gunderson // Ventures Director at Signal Theory
Seth Gunderson

Roy Milton // Associate Creative Director at VMLY&R
Roy Milton

Austin Walsh // Director / Photographer at Austin Walsh Studio
Austin Walsh

These exceptional individuals will be joining our returning board members:

  • Hannah Bower // Director, Client Strategy at GlynnDevins
  • Marianne Gjerstad // Fuel Team Lead/Producer at Barkley
  • Andy Grollmes // Project Management Lead at Woodruff
  • Jordan Haiduk // Senior Producer at Signal Theory
  • Bryan Herrman // SVP, Insights & Strategy at GlynnDevins
  • Katie Hilty // Creative Manager at MMC Corp
  • Sheree Johnson // President/CEO at SJ Insights
  • Katie Snyder // Project Manager at DMH
  • David Sullivan // Graphic Designer
  • Sara Sullivan // Principal, Relationship Director at Tasty Branding
  • Jordan Warren // Marketing Copywriter at DEG, an Isobar Company


Ad 2 KC Council of Directors

Newly elected Ad 2 council members

Megan Bartolac // Associate Account Manager at VMLY&R
Megan Bartolac

Kirin Dowden // Producer at Cosmo Street
Kirin Dowden

Carter Herrman // Integrated Media Manager at DMH
Carter Herrman

Terisia Hicks // Fuel Designer at Barkley
Terisia Hicks

Matt Meier // Analyst at Intouch Solutions (re-elected for second term) 
Matt Meier

Tiera Montgomery // Associate Media Planner at Intouch Solutions
Tiera Montgomery

Roya Rostampour // Graphic Designer at Springboard Creative
Roya Rostampour

Shelby Simpson // Associate Account Manager at Signal Theory
Shelby Simpson

These talented individuals will be joining the following returning council members:

  • Catie Drummond // Integrated Producer at Signal Theory
  • Meg Huwe // Production Manager at Legalfit
  • Amy Insco // Project Manager at Sandlot & Co.
  • Carolina Mach // Analyst at VMLY&R
  • Kirstie Mulligan // User Experience Associate
  • Brooke Purvis // Project Manager at Propaganda3
  • Ashley Reynolds // Sr. Graphic Designer at Mittera


Grow your skills & advance your career by volunteering

If you’re interested in volunteering to use or grow your skills for our upcoming year of events and initiatives, please email AAF-KC Operations Manager Betsy Larson at [email protected].

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