AAF-KC + Ad 2 KC:

More than a team, we're a community

AAF-KC is one club that houses another organization, Ad 2 KC. Ad 2 is an age 32 and under group for ad professionals and is a part of AAF-KC but serves the membership in more specific ways.

In 1902, a group gathered to form the KC Ad Club, an organization designed to keep the KC advertising community ahead of the trends, technologies and ideas that seemingly change every day.

Over a century later, though we have a new name and the business has changed, our mission is still the same — keeping our eye toward the future of advertising and helping our membership do the same.

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In AAF-KC you’ll learn things you probably couldn’t learn at your desk and you’ll learn them from some of the smartest people in the business. You’ll do things that will hone your craft and you’ll create a network of talented people who are pulling for you to succeed.

When you join the club, you’re becoming a member of a group that says you’re not satisfied with a job — you want a career that in turn says something about you.

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