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Chris Marshall Named President of Callahan Creek

Posted by Stefan Mumaw

Cindy Maude, CEO, Callahan Creek, announces the promotion of Chris Marshall to President of the Lawrence-based marketing agency. Marshall has been with the agency for nine years and most recently served as Vice President, Account Management. He will continue to lead the account management group, with the... Read more


Fighting the Old or Building the New?

Posted by John Kreicbergs

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ~ Socrates I don't care what anyone says: everybody hates change. Change is hard. Change requires effort. Change is a pain in the ass. And few things are as necessary on a regular basis as creating change.... Read more


Why I Love Kansas City Advertising

Posted by Kevin Fullerton

As you may know, I am bat-**** crazy about the Kansas City advertising industry. I’m a big believer in our community and will go on and on about it any chance I get. I even flew to Cleveland in the middle of a brutal winter just for the chance to spend 90 minutes telling people about Kansas City advertising. We have a... Read more


Why Kansas City?

Posted by Kevin Fullerton

I knew the answer before I asked the question. “Why Kansas City?” Why had Google chosen Kansas City over 1,100 other cities to launch it’s new Google Fiber project? What made Kansas City special? Simple. We’re Kansas City. We kick ass. (Okay, the person I asked was much more polite than that. Please... Read more


We’re Kansas City, Damn It.

Posted by Kevin Fullerton

“I really want to move to Kansas City, but think it might be smarter to move to a larger advertising market like St. Louis.” “Actually,” I said, “Kansas City’s ad industry is almost four times that of St. Louis’ – and 20 times that of Denver’s.” Dead silence. And then... Read more


AAF-KC President Honored by Alma Mater

Posted by Sara Soseman

Kevin Fullerton, President of the AAF-KC and Owner/Creative Director of Springboard Creative, was honored during the Northwest Missouri State University Alumni Awards Banquet in September. Fullerton, a 1988 Northwest graduate, received the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award. He has worked as a designer, art director and vice... Read more