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AAF-KC Goes to Washington

Posted by John Kreicbergs

In the six years I've been actively involved on the board for AAF-KC, my appreciation and understanding of both the work we do as an organization and the collective impact we can have upon our local advertising and marketing community has grown exponentially. Our most visible work takes shape in the events and activities... Read more


AAF Government Alert: FDA Tobacco Warnings

Posted by John Kreicbergs

As part of the National AAF's governmental efforts, we offer the latest and greatest updates from National around what's happening in Washington D.C. with regard to legislation and legal activities around advertising. We recently received this alert that we felt warranted greater awareness within our local advertising... Read more


The Devastating Impact of the Everything Tax

Posted by Kevin Fullerton

We recently received some disconcerting information from Mark O'Renick, CEO of Salva O'Renick, and Luke Davis, Director of Education and Outreach, regarding the pending Missouri Jobs & Prosperity Bill. What follows is their analysis of the potential harmful impacts of this pending legislation on our advertising and... Read more