2012 Ad Wars: Where Headlines Meet the Front Lines

April 12, 2012

Posted by Katie McCurry

Rally your troops by land, sea and air for the 2012 Ad Wars, where the battle of wits comes to the front lines at the Vox Theatre. Your squad of 10 will be droppin' mindbombs, intellectual explosions and knowledge grenades while bunkering down against the opposition.  Ten rounds of conflict trivia will ensue and only the strongest, most non-fatigued fatigue-clad unit will win.

  • Register now as a team and start plotting your attack. What trivia military tactics will you use: winning all the pre-event social media trivia to score your own drink intern; or, establishing your beachhead via a primo table on the battlefield for you and your squad; or, will battlefield intelligence (a.k.a. buying answers) be your M.O.?
    • Team Pricing: $175, table for 10 (registration prior to 4/27); $225, table for 10 (after 4/27)
  • Looking to sign up for the armed forces as a solo mercenary? We've also got a special virtual recruiting station specifically set up for you. Join forces with nine other soldiers for hire to become one super squad alliance.
    • Solo Pricing: $20 for members, $25 for non-members (registration prior to 4/27); $25 for members, $30 for non-members (after 4/27)
  • Sure, sure… you have better things to do on a Thursday than watch a battle of extraordinary trivia proportions. SUUUURE. No you don't. Register as a civilian and enjoy food, drink and the ability to stay safe from the ensuing drama on this battlefield.
    • Spectator Pricing: $15